Grove Place Cemetery

Grove Place Cemetery
2775 Chili Avenue
Rochester, New York 14624

Serving the Town of Chili and surrounding Rochester area continuously since 1856. Owned and Operated by the Grove Place Cemetery Association

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19 January 2019

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  • Behind Every Great Roman

    On the women who made imperial Rome.

    Behind Every Great Roman

  • Railway To Hell

    Clare Makepeace

    The Thai-Burma railway was built by prisoners of war in appalling conditions. The dead were treated with a dignity denied the living.
  • Hoes before Bros

    John-Pierre Joyce

    Venetian officials sought to stem a ‘plague’ of sodomy by promoting the heterosexual sex trade.

  • Learning in Lincoln

    Eleanor Parker

    An Icelandic scholar exemplifies the rich cultural exchanges of the Middle Ages.
  • A History Fit for the Taliban

    The story of Afghanistan from the 13th century until the present illuminates why the international intervention that began in 2001 failed to deliver.

    A History Fit for the Taliban

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