Grove Place Cemetery

Grove Place Cemetery
2775 Chili Avenue
Rochester, New York 14624

Serving the Town of Chili and surrounding Rochester area continuously since 1856. Owned and Operated by the Grove Place Cemetery Association

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16 February 2019

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  • On A Limb

    Jane Draycott

    The classical world created a variety of means of mobility for the disabled – both mythical and real.
  • Bad Blood?

    David Kilgannon

    Good intentions, misinformation and fear contributed to haemophiliacs becoming the hidden victims of HIV in Ireland.

  • Goulash

    Alexander Lee

    Though long established as the national dish of Hungary, its origins lie with the rootless, itinerant stockmen who roamed the plains of medieval Mitteleuropa. 
  • Green and Pleasant Land

    Four centuries of horticultural endeavours in the modest plots of the ‘lower orders’. 

    Green and Pleasant Land

  • The Sexuality of Slang

    Robert Greer

    Laws prohibiting homosexuality helped create new languages of same-sex desire.

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