columbariumA columbarium is a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns (i.e. urns holding a deceased’s cremated remains). The term comes from the Latin columba (dove) and originally referred to compartmentalized housing for doves and pigeons (see dovecote). The Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas is a particularly fine ancient Roman example, rich in frescoes, decorations and precious mosaics. Roman columbaria were built underground.[1]

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19 January 2019

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  • Behind Every Great Roman

    On the women who made imperial Rome.

    Behind Every Great Roman

  • Railway To Hell

    Clare Makepeace

    The Thai-Burma railway was built by prisoners of war in appalling conditions. The dead were treated with a dignity denied the living.
  • Hoes before Bros

    John-Pierre Joyce

    Venetian officials sought to stem a ‘plague’ of sodomy by promoting the heterosexual sex trade.

  • Learning in Lincoln

    Eleanor Parker

    An Icelandic scholar exemplifies the rich cultural exchanges of the Middle Ages.
  • A History Fit for the Taliban

    The story of Afghanistan from the 13th century until the present illuminates why the international intervention that began in 2001 failed to deliver.

    A History Fit for the Taliban

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